Four Lead US Senior Open
August 26, 2010
Emory Tate, Photo Curacao 2006
After three rounds of the US Senior Open, GMs Sergey Kudrin, Alexander Ivanov and IMs Emory Tate and Joseph Bradford lead with perfect 3-0 scores. GM Larry Kaufman, who is reporting for Chess Life Online, was nicked for a draw by Mariano Acosta and stands on 2.5/3. Tonight should be interesting, with the perfect scores facing off, Ivanov and Bradford on board one and Tate vs. Kudrin on board two. The latter game should be particularly interesting, since Tate playing White, is a legendary attacker and Kudrin is a Dragon devotee. Catch selected live games on For more information and complete results, see Here are two wins from the IMs:

Mike Lucente, playing White, filled CLO in with the game's concluding moves. He points out that after 33...Rg8 White is still better and that he should have played the simple 25. Nxd7 Bxh2+ 26. Kf2 Qxd7 27.g3.