US Senior Open Kicks Off
By GM Larry Kaufman   
August 23, 2010
The US Senior Open began last night in the Boca Raton (Florida) Marriott with three GMs (Alexander Ivanov, Sergei Kudrin, and myself), three IMs (Joe Bradford, Emory Tate, and John Watson), and one other former Senior champion (FM Fabio LaRota). All seven won tonight, though my own game was not so easy.

The participation of Watson was a pleasant surprise, it was his first event since 2004. Being very rusty, he told me he would be satisfied if he avoids any embarrassing upsets or blunders. Tate is new to the Senior, as are Ivanov and Kudrin. Bradford is a very strong player who has been Senior Champ and a US Championship participant.  The winner (if American) gets into the US Championship, with an auction Armageddon 30' game between the top two finishers if they are tied.

The top finisher over 60 at the start of this year gets most of his expenses covered for the World Senior in Italy; since none of the above named players besides myself are eligible I'm the favorite to win this again though there may be a couple eligible players close to 2200, I'll have to wait until ages are posted to see. Almost all the favorites won in the first round, just a couple of draws in the middle boards. We should see more closely contested games starting tomorrow.

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Update: You can also watch a selection of live games live on Monroi!