Americans Abroad: Nakamura Nets Amber Spot
August 22, 2010
At the conclusion of the NH Chess tournament in Amsterdam, youth narrowly prevailed over wisdom, with the Rising Stars defeating Team Experience 26-24. GMs Hikaru Nakamura and Anish Giri were tied for the top Rising Star spot with 6/10 each. A blitz playoff awarded Nakamura the golden ticket into Melody Amber, the elite blindfold/rapid/blitz tournament in Monaco.

GM Anish Giri and GM Hikaru Nakamura, Photo Cathy Rogers


You can get some insight into the first few rounds of NH Chess on Hikaru's blog.

From August 23-28, Hikaru moves on to the Spanish Team Championship (featuring quite a few other members of the 2700 club, including Alexei Shirov,Vugar Gashimov, Etienne Bacrot, David Navara and Ruslan Ponomariov)

Also follow US Champion Gata Kamsky, who is playing in the Baku Open from August 23-31.