US Olympiad Teams Finalized
August 20, 2010
Our top four Olympic boards, GMs Shulman, Nakamura, Kamsky and Onischuk. Photo Suzy Gorman for CCSCSL Final Four US Championship shoot
The US Olympiad and Women's Olympiad teams have been finalized. The event will be held in Khanty-Mansisyk from September 19 to October 3.

The Olympic lineups are:

Overall team
1. GM Hikaru Nakamura
2. GM Gata Kamsky
3. GM Alexander Onischuk
4. GM Yury Shulman
5. GM Robert Hess
Captain: IM John Donaldson
Coach: GM Varuzhan Akobian

Women's team

1. IM Irina Krush
2. IM Anna Zatonskih
3. SM Tatev Abrahamyan
4. WGM Camilla Baginskaite
5. WGM Sabina Foisor
Captain: FIDE Senior Trainer Michael Khodarkovsky
Coach: GM Melikset Khachiyan

Look for more details to come on CLO, as well as on the official website and