Nakamura Starts NH Masters with a Win
August 12, 2010
In round one of the NH Chess tournament (August 12-22) in Amsterdam, GM Hikaru Nakamura of the Rising Stars team scored a win over GM Ljubomir Ljubojevic on Team Experience. Last year, with the same colors, Nakamura fell into an Accelerated Dragon opening trap and lost to "Ljubo." This year, Ljubojevic had a good position out of the opening but Nakamura managed to create some problems for Black in time pressure to force resignation after move 40. (The time control is 40/2 followed by 30 minutes. In the second time control only, there is a 30 second increment.)


In another exciting contest, World Cup Champion GM Boris Gelfand of team Experience prevailed over GM David Howell of England on the Rising Stars. Once four queens are on the board, the victory usually goes to the person who gets to check first. This game was no exception:


Follow the rest of the action on the official website, and look for a mid-tournament report from GM Ian Rogers.