Leaders Emerge in Irvine
August 2, 2010

Emily Tallo leads the Trophies Plus US Junior Girls Open with 3/3.  Four players including top seed Simone Liao are just a half point behind with 2.5/3. 


IM Gergely Antal leads the World Chess Live Tournament of College Champs with 3/3 with a number of strong contenders nipping at his heels: GM Timur Gareyev, IM Salvijus Bercys and Tyler Hughes.



At the Denker tournament of high school champions, Steven Zierk, Michael Bowersock, Richard Herbst and Matt Anzis share the lead with 3/3 each. Besides top-seeded Zierk, every player in the lead has scored an upset on the way to perfection.




In the traditional schedule of the US Open, 26 players still have perfect scores including tournament favorite GM Ramirez.

GM Alejandro Ramirez , Photo courtesy Monroi.com


Another favorite, GM Melikset Khachiyan won a pretty and quick game on his road to 2-0.


You can watch the top boards of the Denker, the Tournament of College Champions and the US Open live on Monroi.com.

Look for more coverage on CLO of the US Open in Irvine, including reports by Randy Hough, who previewed the Denker a couple days ago.