Bullyproof Chess
July 29, 2010
Want to see a Jiu-Jitsu fighter get smoked in chess? Rener Gracie is part of Bullyproof!, a program featured on Oprah.com that uses martial arts to prepare kids for bullying. Members of the legendary Gracie family have previously colloborated with the Hip Hop Chess Federation. Lisa Suhay, who also wrote an article for the August Chess Life for Kids, explains the program and offers a video of Gracie getting schooled in blitz chess by her son.

Bullyproof is a way to help kids, ages 5-12, make the right moves when faced with a bully. Rener Gracie based the program on techniques and strategies of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu which is called “the soft art” because it is like a physical chess match. No punching or kicking. Like chess, the opponents must have many moves and countermoves, strategies and gambits in mind. In both chess and Bullyproof kids learn that they have to remain focused, use critical thinking, be patient and not make rash decisions in order to come out on top. Both chess and Bullyproof teach kids to think before you make a move.

While chessboxing is all about a fight, Bullyproof/Chess or Bullies in Check is about stopping one before it starts. Chessboxing intermingles the sport and the game in matches, while our programs run parallel. The combat on the board is cross-training for time on the mat and vice-versa. 

Rener Gracie plays chess from Lisa Suhay on Vimeo.