Arbiter Update: From the World School to Online Training
July 28, 2010
Organizer Sevan Muradian updates CLO readers on international arbiters, an online arbiter training seminar and recent arbiter norms.

On the website of the North American Chess Association, Sevan wrote a two part article, International impressions Part I and Part II about being an arbiter at the 2010 World School Individual Championships in Kayseri, Turkey.

Sevan's first Internet-based FIDE Arbiters' Seminar (July 10-11 and July 17-18) was featured on along with a list of players who passed the test and earned a norm toward the FIDE Arbiter title. Congrats to them all!

Boyd Reed (USA)
Tom Langland (USA)
David Kuhns (USA)
Ken Ballou (USA)
Andre Harding (USA)
Kevin Hyde (USA)
Simon Ong (CAN)
Andrei Botez (CAN)
Allen Priest (USA)