Yang and Liou Share Cadet Title
By Alan Kantor   
July 18, 2010
Yangr1.jpgIn round five of the 2010 Cadet Championship in Crossville, TN, the two leaders at the time and the eventual winners faced off. Michael Yang (left), from Minnesota, almost took over the top spot as he battled Yian Liou, from California.   Yang, up two pawns, accidentally repeated the position three times, thinking it was just twice, in an attempt to gain 30 seconds on his clock (an earlier version of this article omitted this fact.) Liou successfully claimed three-fold perpetual. 

Round 5
Ryan Joseph Moon 0-1 David Adelberg 
Aleksandr Ostrovskiy ½-½ Adarsh Jayakumar
Michael Yang ½-½ Yian Liou
Jarod Pamatmat 1-0 Atulya Shetty

Yang and Liou both won their round six games as they inched closer to the title with one round to go.

Round 6
David Adelberg 0-1 Aleksandr Ostrovskiy
Adarsh Jayakumar 0-1 Michael Yang
Yian Liou 1-0 Jarod Pamatmat
Atulya Shetty ½-½ Ryan Joseph Moon

In round seven, Liou drew against Jayakumar to secure 5/7 and at least at tie for first. Yang caught up with him to tie for first by defeating Adelberg in the following game: 

Congrats to Yian Liou and Michael Yang! Look for more details on this event on uschess.org and Chess Life For Kids.

Final Standings
1-2- Yian Liou and Michael Yang-5
3-Aleksandr Ostrovskiy-4
4-6- David Adelberg, Atulya Shetty and Ryan Joseph Moon- 3
7-8-Jarod Pamatmat and Adarsh Jayakumar-2.5

See crosstable and rating changes on the Cadet MSA page. You can play through all the games on Monroi.com. http://monroi.com/watch/?tnm_id=1411.