Adelberg and Ostrovskiy Take An Early Lead In Cadet
By Alan Kantor   
July 14, 2010
L to R: Ryan Joseph Moon, Adarsh Jayakumar, Aleksandr Ostrovsky, Yian Liou, Atulya Shetty, Michael Yang, David Adelberg, Jarod Pamatmat. Standing (left to right): Bill Startup, president of Cumberland County Bank and Crossville Mayor J.H. Graham. Photo by Ed Greif (Crossville Chronicle)

Day 1 of the 2010 U.S. Cadet Championship saw only two decisive games as David Adelberg and Aleksandr Ostrovskiy climb atop the leader board. But, there is a lot of good chess yet to play.

The results are as follows:

Round 1
David Adelberg 1-0 Adarsh Jayakumar
Ryan Joseph Moon ½-½ Yian Liou
Jarod Pamatmat ½-½ Aleksandr Ostrovskiy
Atulya Shetty ½-½ Michael Yang 

Round 2
Yian Liou ½-½  David Adelberg
Adarsh Jayakumar ½-½  Atulya Shetty
Aleksandr Ostrovskiy 1-0 Ryan Joseph Moon
Michael Yang ½-½ Jarod Pamatmat 

Standings After Round 2
Adelberg, Ostrovskiy - 1½
Liou, Pamatmat, Shetty, Yang - 1
Jayakumar, Moon - ½ 

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Executive Director Bill Hall speaks to the US Cadet participants