July Grand Prix Update
By CLO   
July 6, 2010
In this month's Chesslecture.com Grand Prix standings , GM Alexander Ivanov is leading his nearest rival, GM Jaan Ehlvest by almost 40 points. IM Bryan Smith made a big jump with his win at the Philadelphia International. Keep your eye on the standings. Once the World Open has been computed, things are bound to move around a bit. See complete standings here and Grand Prix events details here.

In the Chessmagnetschool.com Junior Grand Prix, Abhinay Dommalapati of Virginia is leading by nearly 100 points. Dommalapati was the 2009 Junior Grand Prix runner-up. See complete standings here. For an idea of what it takes to win the Junior Grand Prix, see Andrea Rosen's article on last year's winner, Curtis Winter.

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