USCF Promotes National Chess Day, October 9
June 17, 2010
At the Saint Louis board meeting (May 22-23), the USCF Executive board decided to put a bright spotlight on this year's National Chess Day! The holiday, founded by Gerald Ford in 1976, is set for each year on October 9th. Fortuitously, this year's National Chess Day falls on a Saturday, multiplying its promotional potential.

The USCF is offering discounts and free TLAs and rating fees for events that fall on October 9th and include National Chess Day in their titles. July 10 is the deadline for submission. More details below:

Free TLAs: Any Rated Beginner Open that includes "National Chess Day" in it's TLA title gets both a free TLA and free rating fees. Any 1-day event for Oct 9 which has "National Chess Day" in it's TLA title gets a free TLA. Any 2-3 day event held over a period which encompasses Oct 9, which has "National Chess Day" in it's TLA title, will get free TLA and free rating fees. Submit by July 10th, 2010. If you have any questions about composing your TLA, contact Joan Dubois at [email protected]
Write it Up: Any organizer/director of these qualifying events is encouraged to submit a 100-word description of the event and results, and what was done to promote chess in this event, by November 10, for consideration in a National Chess Day article in the December Chess Life and/or Chess Life Online.
A USCF Care Package: When submitting a TLA for these events, the organizer/affiliate is entitled to request two copies of a recent Chess Life (for open events) or two copies of Chess Life for Kids (for scholastic events) as well as copies of USCF-related chess flyers for display at their event. They should include their mailing address in the TLA for shipment.