Norm-Hunters Emerge at Copper State International
June 6, 2010
GM Timur Gareyev, reigning Copper State Champ, preparing for the 2010 edition...and the World Cup
The 2010 Copper State International, presented by Abstrax Inc , is heading into its third day of play. Rounds 4 and 5 will be played on Sunday. Among the leaders are reigning champion GM Timur Gareev of Uzbekistan – leading the A-Group –  and GM Daniel Fridman of Germany – leading the B-Group.

Of course we are all looking forward to the norm possibilities of the event. Norm hunters who are off to a good start are FM Conrad Holt (now 2.5 out of 3 after a big win over Serbian Champion Nikola Sedlak), John Bartholomew, and Arizona’s own Nikolay Andrianov.

Stay tuned to for updated pairings and standings! You can also root the “Norm hunters” on and watch the games live via the broadcast.