An Interesting Chess Sacrifice
By Rishi Sethi   
June 4, 2010
Thomas Parrish with Teacher Maggie Gruber giving a check of $191 to GM Shulman

Eight-year-old Thomas Parrish from Hough Elementary School in Barrington, Illinois, asked his friends to bring a donation to his birthday party in lieu of gifts, to help a little girl living in the Delhi slums of India. This little girl, named Meher, was severely burned when her mosquito net caught fire. You can read more about Meher and the Chess Without Borders' initiative to help her in Betsy Dynako's 2009 article on Chess and Philanthropy.

Thomas’s chess club at Hough School has been involved in raising funds for Meher’s medical treatment for the last year. Meher has recovered well thanks to the plastic surgery these funds provided. The chess students are now raising funds for Meher’s education. Thomas was excited to have this opportunity to ask his friends to help him provide Meher with an education. Thomas presented his donation of $191 to GM Yury Shulman to be deposited in the Chess Without Borders/Meher account.

GM Shulman, also this year's US Championship runner-up, is always delighted by the creativity of his students displayed through a wide variety of innovative service projects designed by them but collectively achieved by students, teachers, parents, and local businesses at Chess Without Borders.

Picture shows Thomas Parrish with Teacher Maggie Gruber giving a check of $191 to GM Shulman.