One Game to Go in Topalov-Anand
May 9, 2010
Anand and Topalov face off in round 11, Photo Cathy Rogers
The Topalov-Anand match is tied 5.5-5.5 and the question on everyone's mind is: Will the World Championship title be decided by rapid playoff, or Tuesday's final game? Read the tiebreak regulations on the official website and look for GM Ian Rogers' final report on CLO.

Today's game featured the first English Opening of the match with Anand playing White. GM Rogers told CLO, "Anand gambled and survived today. Had Topalov found 46...Ne7! or 50...Ra3, the World Champion could have been in big trouble. Instead he whipped up extraordinary counterplay, refusing to force a draw and forcing Topalov to defend accurately to avoid possible mating attacks from nowhere."

See Rogers' latest in-depth CLO story on the World Championship, GM Rogers on Sofia: Topalov Strikes Back, with annotations of games 4 through 8.
Also see GM Ian Rogers' in-depth report on the first four rounds and his Couch Potato's Guide to the World Championship Part I and Part II.