By Bill Hall   
March 31, 2010
It is my pleasure to introduce the sponsor for the 2010 edition of the Junior Grand Prix.

The Junior Grand Prix is entering its third year. This competition is designed to encourage young players to seek opportunities to play against stronger competition; thereby to stimulate improvement and life-long excitement about the game. The 2010 ChessMagnetSchool.com Junior Grand Prix will award a $1,000 stipend to attend the 2011 U.S. Open in Orlando, Florida (including free entry). Also, there will be the opportunity for three students to win a full Chess Magnet School site license for their school. A variety of prizes will be awarded to the top 50 finishers nationally and the top in each state.

Chess Magnet School provides computer-based online chess training for both adults and children, including those who study independently and those who study under the guidance of a coach or teacher, as well as support for chess coaches and others who teach chess. Chess Magnet School has been a partner with USCF on a number of projects and activities since 2006, and has provided the free program that teaches the rules of chess to newcomers in the "New to Chess?" section of USCF's website. USCF members are invited to learn more about Chess Magnet School at www.ChessMagnetSchool.com.

Please join me in welcoming our new sponsors and let the games begin!

Bill Hall
Executive Director, USCF