Affiliate Emailing Service Update
March 5, 2010
The USCF has begun testing a new program to do emails on behalf of USCF affiliates. We're still working out the details and a few bugs, but we will use our emailing service (the same one that we use to send out TLA Mail and promotional offers from USCF Sales) to send out emailings for USCF affiliates about their upcoming tournaments.

The fee for these mailings will be five cents per unique email address selected, with a minimum of $20.00.

We have done two test mailings so far (through March 4th) and hope to be in a position to open this service to all USCF affiliates within the next few weeks, though we should be able to do some additional emailings ahead of then as part of our testing process. However, during the testing period we may have to limit the number of emails sent and there may be times during which we cannot send out any emails.

Until we get the interfaces in place to work on the selection criteria and the formatting of the email messages, affiliates will need to submit fully formattted HTML files and indicate the criteria for the members to be emailed.

Members may opt out of this service by using the link at the end of each email or by logging in using their USCF ID and PIN to the USCF email preferences page at (They can also use that link or this interface to sign up for TLA Mail or to sign up for alerts when an event they played in has been rated.)