Justus Prevails in Williams-Colas Match
By Shaun Smith   
February 18, 2010
Josh Colas and Justus Williams, Photo Shaun Smith

On the 17th and 18th of February, Chess-in-the-Schools organized a Mid-Winter Recess Chess Tournament at IS 318k, one of the program’s top Junior High Schools.  The free event included rated quads, which were played on both days and included some of the program’s top students.  The highlight of the event however was the match between two of the nation’s top ranked 11-year olds, Justus Williams and Joshua Colas.  The four game competition took place over two days and was played at G/60 time control, with each player having 2 whites and 2 blacks.  All four games were broadcast live on the Internet Chess Club (ICC).  In the end, Justus Williams of the Chess-in-the-Schools program won the match with a 3-1 score. 

Justus Williams
On day one the players split their games, with each player winning with white.  It seemed that both players made similar mistakes while playing black---they both failed to castle early and ended up paying the price.

Josh Colas


On day two the players came ready and were both excited once they arrived.  Justus had white in the third game and surprised Joshua with an early Qxd4 line in the Sicilian.  Justus never plays this line and what made it such a surprise for Joshua, is that he himself employs this opening idea on occasion.  After winning a pawn, Justus went on to win in smooth style.


At this point it appeared that we would have a repeat of day one, with both players winning with white.  However, Justus got a good position with black and appeared to win a pawn in the early middle-game.  However, Joshua’s attempt to hold on to the pawn led to him dropping a piece, and ultimately the game and match.


Justus and Josh with their prizes, Photo Shaun Smith 
As in most heavyweight title fights, there is already talk of a rematch.  Justus and Joshua also said that they would be interested in playing matches against the other top 11-year olds in the country (Kayden Troff, Christopher Wu, and Kapil Chandran).  Until then, it appears the next time Justus will play Joshua could be in the Championship Section at Chess-in-the-Schools’ March 6, 2010 Brooklyn Chess Day Tournament at IS 318k.

The special Championship Section is open to all players rated over 1900 USCF and consistently has a player rating average over 2000.  If you are interested in playing, email [email protected]  Check out other events at www.chessintheschools.org.

This event was sponsored, organized, and directed by Chess-in-the-Schools.  Special thanks go to Monroi for their prize donation of a Personal Chess Manager, and to the ICC for providing free accounts and assistance to broadcast the games live.