Kapil Chandran Makes a Move for Haiti
February 16, 2010
Kapil's February 4th Haiti benefit simul

11-year-old expert Kapil Chandran organized a 38-board simul to benefit Haiti relief. Sixth grader Kapil's February 4th effort was coined, "Let's Make a Move for Haiti." Kapil scored one loss, two draws, 35 wins and most importantly raised $306 for the Save the Children organization.  Chandran's opponents included not just fellow students but also teachers and deans. The list of competitors also included Kapil's brother Rohit:


You can watch a video and read more about Kapil's simultaneous exhibition on the Wilton Villager.

Kapil Chandran, Photo Ted Wu
Kapil is currently the #5 ranked 11-year-old in the nation. He participated in the  2009 New York Marshall Chess club session of the US Chess School, and just competed in the US Amateur Team East with Michael Bodek, Stuart Finney and Jake Miller. The team, called "The Four Pawns Attack", scored 4.5/6. Kapil trains about once a month with GM Ildar Ibragimov and enjoys Larry Christiansen's ICC lessons.
Read more about how chessplayers helped raise money for Haiti in CLO stories about Ashkay Malhotra's 150 Games for Haiti Relief, FM Mike Klein's exhibition , Expert Luke Harmon-Vellotti's exhibition, The Chess Without Borders Fundraiser and Daaim Shabazz's call for help. Daaim has also posted information on a fundraising effort for Sabine Bonnet and will contribute an upcoming article about the crisis and how it relates to the chess community in Chess Life Magazine.