Carlsen and Kramnik Lead in Corus
January 29, 2010
In the "A" section today of the Corus supertournament, GM Magnus Carlsen won over GM Lenier Dominguez in a tactical variation of the Grunfeld. This puts Carlsen in a tie for first with Kramnik with just two rounds to go, a situation that recalls the fantasy World Championship match that GM Rogers' conjured up in his latest CLO report from the scene.


GM Alexei Shirov fought creatively, jonesing to get back up in the top spot but famous defender GM Vladimir Kramnik held the draw.


GM Hikaru Nakamura didn't get far today in an English against the super-solid GM Peter Leko, but we'll expect some tough fights in the last two rounds from our US Champion. He'll face Fabiano Caruana and Sergey Tiviakov.


One of the most dramatic games today was a teenager face-off in the "B" section. Tournament leader 15-year-old GM Anish Giri of the Netherlands played Wesley So of the Phillipines, who was just half a point behind. In a striking case of chess blindness, So walked into a mate in two. As GM Larry Christiansen said on the broadcast, "When you're 16 (and 2650), Rf1+ feels like the end of the world."

Position after 36.Ne2??, which loses immediately to Rf1+ Kxf1 Qf2#

GM Ray Robson broke his streak of losses in the "C" group with a win over GM Kjetil Lie of Norway. Despite tiring in the final stretch, Robson is still on a plus three score!


Tomorrow, many eyes will be on Anand-Kramnik and Leko-Carlsen.

See GM Rogers' in-depth CLO report, The Hare and the Tortoise: GM Rogers on Corus. Follow the action on the official website, the Internet Chess Club (Games begin at 7:30 AM EST- CLO editor Jennifer Shahade will be hosting the coverage for rounds 10-13), chessdom, chessbase, chessvibes and look for a tournament report by GM Rogers in an upcoming issue of Chess Life Magazine.