Kramnik Grabs Lead in Corus
January 27, 2010
For the first time in the tournament, GM Vladimir Kramnik has grabbed the clear lead in Corus with 7/10. Although Kramnik only drew against Ivanchuk he was pushed into the lead by Anand, who won against Shirov. Kramnik's win coincided with a coverage meltdown in Corus, which interfered with live transmission of the moves and shut down the official website. 


GM Magnus Carlsen also won today, defeating GM Sergey Karjakin. Now Carlsen is tied with Shirov for 2nd with 6.5/10.

GMs Lenier Dominguez and Hikaru Nakamura, Photo courtesy ICC/

Meanwhile, Hikaru Nakamura drew against Cuban Lenier Dominguez.

Unfortunately, GM Robson lost again after dominating the "C" section for most of the event.


Follow the action on the official website (down at the time of writing), the Internet Chess Club (Games begin at 7:30 AM EST- CLO editor Jennifer Shahade will be hosting the coverage for rounds 10-13), chessdom, chessbase, chessvibes and look for a blog tomorrow by GM Ian Rogers on CLO.