Nakamura Falters to Kramnik in Corus
January 23, 2010
In round eight of Corus 2010, Hikaru Nakamura lost his first game of the tournament against Vladimir Kramnik. Meanwhile, in a battle crucial to the standings, Alexei Shirov and Magnus Carlsen drew. Shirov currently leads the field by half a point over Kramnik and Carlsen.



Despite losing his first game in Corus "C" yesterday (and drawing today), US Junior Champion GM Ray Robson continues to lead the section, with 6/8.

Follow the action on the official website, the Internet Chess Club (Games begin at 7:30 AM EST), chessdom, chessbase, chessvibes and look for reportage from GM Ian Rogers on CLO. Also see Svidler on Nakamura: An ICC Treat.