Nakamura- Carlsen Battle Drawn; Shirov Still Blazing
January 21, 2010
GM Hikaru Nakamura vs. GM Magnus Carlsen, Photo IM Jan Van de Mortel

The much-anticipated Hikaru Nakamura-Magnus Carlsen battle at Corus Chess 2010 was drawn today after 59 moves. "Naka" fans certainly got their money's worth, as he was certainly the one playing for a win in the endgame. According to Dutch-American IM Jan Van De Mortel, Carlsen said in a press conference after the game that, "10...b5 was too ambitious, but his 12. h3 was a little lazy. I have to credit him for declining a draw after Rd3. He was pressing for a win the whole game. In a short time Hikaru has become one of my main rivals.”


Along with Ivanchuk, Carlsen and Nakamura are all on 3.5/5, still a point and a half behind this tournament's blazing star, Alexei Shirov. Shirov won his fifth game in a row against GM Loek Van Wely. But the tournament win is not in the bag yet. Shirov has yet to face most of the tournament's highest rated players. He'll face Nakamura, Carlsen and Ivanchuk in rounds 7-9. See the full schedule here.


On the other side of the spectrum, we saw Smeets go deeper into the tournament's basement after a loss against GM Vladimir Kramnik.


In the C-section, US Junior Champion GM Ray Robson continues to impress. Today he scored a win over GM Peng, bringing his score to 4.5/5.


GM Varuzhan Akobian is not doing well in the very tough "B" section. Today he lost to Indian GM Parimarjan Negi.


Follow the action on the official website, the Internet Chess Club (Games begin at 7:30 AM EST), chessdom, chessbase, chessvibes and look for reportage from GM Ian Rogers on CLO. Also see Svidler on Nakamura: An ICC Treat.