Barracuda Alert: Adamson on the Board and Fish on the Plate!
By Sevan Muradian   
January 11, 2010
The 24th North American Masters, a double round robin with six participants, is now being split over two weekends instead of the older format of a single weekend and five week nights. This makes it easier for participants to get time away from work.

With three IM's and three norm seekers, each having the black and white pieces once against each other would make for some interesting chess. It was quite clear that FM Robby Adamson came to have the other players for lunch, as in his case, he had to travel from half way across the country, so he wanted his sacrifice well worth it.

And worth it is was.

FM Robby 'the Barracuda' Adamson, took apart his first three opponents with opportunistic attacks. He devoured the three top seeds and when he had his fill, he quietly backed off looking for opportunities to strike at the final meals for the weekend. IM Vishnuvardhan was able to walk away with only slight damage from a draw, as was Jon L. Burgess, but Jon was able to find a solid move to allow his inactive pieces to get into the game. The barracuda could not complete his job here and had to walk away with only a draw.


Why all of the talk about that ugly looking fish the barracuda? Because we all had it for dinner! After the 3 round on Saturday evening, the players and I, along with short film and documentary creator Steven Juras, had dinner with the event sponsors, Vince and Cindy Berry.


I wanted this dinner to be more out of the ordinary with special dish but at first I didn't have a clue what to provide. It came to me when I was in the local supermarket and saw an array of fish that we don't traditionally see on restaurant dinner menus like shark, barracuda, and swordfish. I asked the Tandour Restaurant at the Holiday Inn if they could pick up the barracuda and prepare it for us. And prepare they did! Barracuda is a bit chewier than salmon is but has a great taste and texture to it. Highly recommended as everyone loved it.

It was a great dinner where the players got to meet the sponsor of the event and convey their thanks personally. It was also great that Steven Juras, who is making a short film and a full length documentary on chess, the opportunity to gather research from the players and the sponsors.

Standings after 5 rounds are:

1st Place FM Robby Adamson 4/5

2nd Place IM Arjun Vishnuvardhan 2.5/5
3rd Place – 6th Place IM Florin Felecan, IM Mehmed Pasalic, FM Gauri Shankar, Jon Burgess all 2/5

A score of 7/10 is needed for an IM norm. For Robby this would be his second (he corrected me over the weekend informing me that he has his first norm already).

I would also like to take this time again to thank our sponsors Vince W. Berry Real Estate Services, DGT and DGT North America for their sponsorship of e-boards, and the Holiday Inn Hotel for their sponsorship of the site and preparation of a great dinner!

Enjoy the games below:









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