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1. Transgender Policy
(About USCF/Governance)
...d, a conforming birth certificate will be required.    What will be the effect on women’s sections or women’s tournaments? US Chess will continue to support an...
March 8, 2019

2. Yifan Hou With Lavish Lead in Monte Carlo
(Chess Life Online 2015/October )
In the first stage of the Women's Grand Prix in Monaco, Hou Yifan took a commanding lead. Vanessa West looks at key moments from her triumph. GM Hou Yifan, Photo
October 23, 2015

3. Saint Louis Showdown: Nakamura vs. Caruana
(Chess Life Online 2015/October )
... a ½ point and a loss as 0 points. Players will be competing for $100,000 in prizes. Former Women's World Champion, GM Hou Yifan and GM Parimarjan Negi will also square off, following t...
October 15, 2015

4. 86th FIDE Congress Underway
(Chess Life Online 2015/September )
...etary Sevan Muradian, Rules Commission and Arbiter Commission Member Carol Jarecki, and Chairperson of Women's Commission Susan Polgar.  I left Houston, very excited to attend my fifth ...
September 3, 2015

5. Stepping Stones to 2500 at the U.S. Chess School
(Chess Life Online 2015/August )
... impressive history of chess achievements. From Southern California, she most recently competed in the Women's U.S. Championship. Aside from winning gold and silver medals respectively in the 2014 ...
August 20, 2015

6. The Sinquefield Ten: A Musical Preview
(Chess Life Online 2015/August )
GM Ian Rogers gives a musical preview of the 2015 Sinquefield Cup, the second leg of the Grand Chess Tour, which features World Champion Magnus Carlsen and American GMs Fabiano Caruana and Hikaru Naka
August 13, 2015

... resident geniuses. At its annual Genius Gala, LSC bestows Genius Awards on singularly brilliant men and women who have uniquely advanced or employed science and technology. Fourteen people have won L...
July 14, 2015

...nbsp; Tatev Abrahamyan, after competing in a slew of national and international championships (The Women's World Championship, The U.S. Women's Championship, and The Women's World Team Champions...
July 4, 2015

9. Inspired Chess in Vegas: Dreev Wins Edmondson Cup
(Chess Life Online 2015/June )
...iends, always looking for a challenge. Life is short; have fun.”  Winners of the US Women's Open: Ramya Krishna Inapuri, Simone Liao (winner on tiebreak) and Uyanga Byambaa. (Joan...
June 28, 2015

... 2015 US Girls Jr Closed.  He also organized the 2007 & 2008 US Championships and the 2007-2008 Women's Championships. Frank played his first rated tournament in 1962 and became...
June 24, 2015

... Championship in Tulsa, Oklahoma with 3/3. See full crosstable below. Wang defeated fellow US Women's Championship participant Apurva Virkud in a key round three game:  [...
June 23, 2015

12. All Girls US Junior Underway in Tulsa
(Chess Life Online 2015/June )
...nbsp;      I also like to read and listen to music. Agata Bykovtsev Title: Women's FIDE Master Rating: 2143 - 7th highest ranked USA Girl U-16 Residence: California ...
June 22, 2015

13. Vanessa on Vegas So Far
(Chess Life Online 2015/June )
...her excellent result at the National Open so far, and covers some of the action so far, including the US Women's Open (co-winner Uganya Byambaa pictured). The Las Vegas Chess Festival began on T...
June 20, 2015

FM Alisa Melekhina's photo report from the Women's World Team Championship in Chengdu, China also shows off some of the most exciting games from the US squad in the second half of the event. After f
May 10, 2015

15. Captain's Report: China Wins World Team
(Chess Life Online 2015/April)
...   0    1    8    1    10 The Women's World Team Championship ended yesterday in Chengdu, China. Look for FM Alisa Melekhina...
April 29, 2015

Alisa Melekhina updates CLO readers on the World Women's Team Championship, currently underway in Chengdu, China. The recently concluded U.S. Championships can be considered a warm-up for the inten
April 24, 2015

17. Eric Rosen on Final IM Norm: Keys to Success
(Chess Life Online 2015/April)
... and resting between rounds, I got in the habit of following the live commentary from the US Men's and Women's Championships. Listening to Jen, Yasser, and Maurice enthusiastically discuss high lev...
April 21, 2015

18. Captain's Report: IM Donaldson on the World Team
(Chess Life Online 2015/April)
... are the three ring circus of the chess world where famous and not so famous players meet, both men and women compete and chess politicians do what they do. Not so for World Team events which are c...
April 20, 2015

The World Team Championship (Tsakhkadzor, Armenia, April 18-29, 2015) and World Women's Team Championship (Chengdu, April 18-29) are both underway.  Women's Team in round 1,
April 19, 2015

20. Nakamura & Krush are the New U.S. Champions!
(Chess Life Online 2015/April)
GMs Hikaru Nakamura and Irina Krush won the 2015 US Chess Championships and US Women's. At the closing ceremony, Jean Hoffman of the USCF announced that the 2016 events would also be in America's ches
April 14, 2015

21. Nakamura Pulls Ahead, So Stumbles in Saint Louis
(Chess Life Online 2015/April), with Nakamura (6/8) taking clear first after his win over Troff while Nemcova continues to lead the Women's, half a point ahead of Krush. GMs Wesley So and Hikaru Nakamura, Photo Lennart ...
April 9, 2015

22. Nakamura and Nemcova Lead in Saint Louis
(Chess Life Online 2015/April)
World #2 Hikaru Nakamura leads the US Chess Championship while Katerina Nemcova leads the US Women's Chess Championship going into round six on Tuesday. Kostya Kavutskiy reports.  Hik
April 6, 2015

23. Mariya Muzychuk New Women's World Champ
(Chess Life Online 2015/April)
Congrats to IM Mariya Muzychuk (Ukraine), the new Women's World Champion. She defeated IM Natalia Pogonina 3/4 in an exciting final. Our new Women's World Champion, Photo A.Karlovich  
April 5, 2015

24. Sevian Stuns in Round Three
(Chess Life Online 2015/April)
The youngest GM in American history, Sam Sevian, stunned in round three of the US Chess Championship by defeating World #5 player Wesley So with the black pieces.  Photo courtesy Tony Cort
April 4, 2015

...up for the US Championship.) GM Jesse Kraai gave an entertaining blindfold simul, Iris Kokish, a local women's class A player and coach gave a (mostly) all-girls simul, and chess clowns entertained...
April 2, 2015

26. U.S. Chess Champs Opens at Saint Louis Art Museum
(Chess Life Online 2015/March)
...eld Monday, April 13 at the Chase Park Plaza Hotel, where we will crown the 2015 U.S. Chess Champion and Women’s Chess Champion. Follow the US Chess Championships live with commentary from ...
March 31, 2015

The Final Four of College Chess goes down from March 28-29 at the New York Athletic Club. Competing teams are Webster University, University of Maryland at Baltimore County, Texas Tech and University
March 27, 2015

... the U.S. Championship has become when top stars like this aren't in the field. US Women's Championship: Irina Krush is definitely the big favorite to win the tournament,...
March 24, 2015

29. GM Krush Eliminated in World Champs
(Chess Life Online 2015/March)
GM and reigning US Women's Champion GM Irina Krush was eliminated in round 2 of the Women's World Championship by GM GM Dronavalli Harika. Reigning US Women's Champion GM Irina Krush was eliminat
March 23, 2015

30. GM Krush Advances in Sochi
(Chess Life Online 2015/March)
GM Irina Krush advanced to round two in the World Women's Championship in Sochi, Russia. She will face GM Dronavalli Harika of India in round two. GM Irina Krush vs. IM Sophie Millet
March 19, 2015

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