USCF & Internet Chess Club Join Forces to Provide Online Rated Chess! Print E-mail
By CLO   
August 12, 2019
slideUSCFflag.jpgThe Internet Chess Club (ICC) and the United States Chess Federation (USCF) are delighted to announce the start of USCF online rated tournaments on the ICC!

As a special bonus to celebrate this promotion, USCF members can purchase an ICC membership at 20% off a three month, six month or full year membership: 

Check out the schedule of US Chess rated events on ICC:


  • Every Monday, at 7 PM EST (Server time), there is a 7 round Swiss, with a 3 min 2 sec time control
  • Every Friday, at 8 PM EST (Server time), there is a 5 round Swiss, with a 15 min 5 sec time control
  • Every Saturday, at 5 PM EST (Server Time), there is a 5 round Swiss, with a 12 min 3 sec time control
  • Every Sunday, at 2 PM EST (Server Time), there is a 7 round Swiss, with a 5 min 2 sec time control

Prizes:  Random giveaway prizes, including ICC membership time!


These tournaments will be held using a New and Official USCF Online Blitz Rating or USCF Online Quick Rating, which will be available to all current USCF members

ICC Vice-President Marty Grund of the Internet Chess Club told CLO, "This partnership has a positive impact on the value of both memberships. There's a new member benefit which is real, tangible and it fulfills a market need we know exists. I'm also excited about the social aspect, the competition, the mingling etc."

To join the tournament, you will need valid ICC and USCF memberships and will need to know your USCF PIN. If you do not know your PIN, you can request to receive it by email at

If you don't have an ICC membership*, you can register an ICC membership here: 

If you don't have a USCF membership, you can register for a USCF membership here: