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North American Amateur Closed set for Skokie, Nov.26-28 Print E-mail
By Sevan Muradian   
November 23, 2010
The 1st North American Amateur Closed is set to take place during the Thanksgiving weekend from Friday November 26 through Sunday November 28. The event is a 2-section round robin format tournament organized for the purpose of providing amateur/class players with an opportunity to achieve a FIDE rating.

The event is organized by the North American Chess Association and will be held at the North Shore Chess Center in Skokie, IL. It will be the first of a series of both RR and Swiss events organized to increase the FIDE rated chess population in the Chicago area. Currently there are approximately 60 FIDE rated class players (under FIDE 2199) in the Chicago area. The endgame of this event and those like it will be to provide the opportunity for those rated between 1600 and 2000 USCF to achieve a FIDE rating (there are approximately 900 active players within 150 miles of Chicago within this USCF rating range).

The event is organized as a 9R-RR with a time control of G/60 + 30/sec increment. There will be 3 rounds over each day and local area restaurants are providing meals for the event participants! After the tournament is completed, a tournament booklet will be created with pictures and games from the event, with annotations from local Chicago area player, National Master Jon L. Burgess.

Historically FIDE ratings were meant for the elite with gradual reductions of the rating floor to allow for the traditional amateur/class chess player to achieve them. Unlike US Chess Federation ratings, one cannot play a single game and receive a provisional FIDE rating. A specific set of requirements must to earn a rating performance, which means competing against a minimum of 3 FIDE rated players and scoring 1 point or more against them (this can be a single win or two draws). Once the threshold of 9 games through these performance ratings are gained, an individual will have an established FIDE rating. The rating can fluctuate for the first 30 ratable games and then will level out in terms of fluctuation.

To follow progress of this event you can visit the news section of the North American Chess Association website at http://www.nachess.org/naca-news

Spectators are welcome at the tournament!