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GM Onischuk to Take on the World Print E-mail
By David Pruess   
June 22, 2011
GM Alex Onischuk, the #3 rated U.S. player (FIDE 2675, USCF 2743), will take on the world in a vote chess match organized and sponsored by chess.com, starting on July 9th. To participate, simply go to the following chess.com link and click "join." The game will be played at a time control of 24 hours per move. In other words, GM Onischuk will have 24 hours to make a move. As soon as he makes a move, the world will have 24 hours to vote on its move. Participants just make the move they want on the board, and then click "vote." At the end of 24 hours, votes will be tallied up. At the same link given above to participate in the game, there is a discussion forum for participants to share their thoughts and ideas about the game while it is in progress. GM Onischuk will *not* be able to see what you are talking about, so palaver in peace!

'The World vs. Superstar' is a very fun format, which has had a number of famous games, especially Kasparov v. the World about which a book was written and last year's Raw Chess Challenge, which pitted Magnus Carlsen vs. the World in a one-day event. Chess.com not only organized that Carlsen match, but has also organized a series of slower vote-chess matches, with such stars as GM Nigel Davies, GM Julio Becerra, and WGM Natalia Pogonina.