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By Beatriz Marinello   
June 12, 2013
The FIDE International Organizers Seminar was held from Tuesday, May 28 through Thursday, May 30, 2013 in conjunction with the U.S. Senior Open Championship and the FIDE Social Action Chess Commission meeting. Participants from 5 Federations attended the International Organizer's Seminar which was sponsored by Chess Educators. All participants took the examination at the end of the seminar and achieved the ‘seminar norm'. 

The lecturer, presenters, and participants were:  IO & Lecturer Beatriz Marinello (USA) IO Tony Rich (USA) IA & IO Aris Marghetis (Canada) Mrs. Amal Al-Kout (Kuwait) Mr. Robert Katende (Uganda) Mrs. Hellen Mukiri-Smith (Bahamas) Mrs. Elizabeth Tejada (USA) Dr. Marcus Fenner (USA) Mr. Miguel Iniguez (USA) Mrs. Mallanna Kavyashree (USA) Mr. Payam Afkham-Ebrahimi (Iran) Mr. Wilson F Leon (USA) Mr. Bernard Parham (USA) Mr. Rudolph Abate (USA).

The  lecturer was IO Beatriz Marinello. Special presentations were given by IO Tony Rich about the organization of the US Championships in the St. Louis Chess Center and IA & IO Aris Marghetis from Canada.