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Chicago’s Scholastic Champions Recognized by Mayor Print E-mail
By David Heiser & Segun Kumara   
May 9, 2015
Pic1Chicago.jpgOn April 15, 2015 Mayor Rahm Emanuel and the City Council recognized Chicago's top finishers at the 6th Annual Greater Chicago K-12 Championship as City Champions.

The Resolution was presented Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Alderman Joe Moreno, which included history of Renaissance Knights Chess Foundation and all the names and schools of the city champions.  Video of the presentation starts at 41:37 minutes.

During the presentation Mayor Emanuel thanked Renaissance Knights Foundation for bringing chess into our schools and to this team. The Mayor also had this to say about the students being recognized "I really wish the whole, not just the whole city, but the country would see these students. This is the true face of Chicago all across the City of Chicago, to the foundation and the mentors and parents; this is the City of Chicago. To the foundation, parents, and mentors and schools, thank you".

The tournament was held on February 7, 2015 at the McCormick Place in Chicago, IL and had a record breaking attendance of 327 players.

The tournament was organized by the Renaissance Knights Chess Foundation in partnership with the Kasparov Foundation and was sponsored by SBB Research Group based in Northbrook, IL. SBB Research Group sponsorship allowed for 180 of Chicago Public School's underprivileged students to receive free entry to the tournament and 1 year USCF memberships.  Many of the CPS girls who played in this event went on to play in the All-Girls National Championships that was also held in Chicago on April 17-19.

Several Aldermen stood and spoke during the presentation including Alderman Thomas who credited Renaissance Knights Chess Foundation as the catalyst for "the grand knowledge, analytical training and teamwork in planning that these students learn today".  Alderman Thomas went on to say "These are all elements that make for great leader, future leaders in Chicago and in the United States".

Alderman Moreno of the 1st Ward has been a longtime proponent for chess and was instrumental in working with us to get the City of Chicago to recognize the Greater Chicago tournament as the City's Scholastic Chess Championship.

City Champions

Deniz Gulecyuz, a 7th grader at Morgan Park Academy, K-12 Varsity section;
Dexter Dale Jr, a 12th grader Leo Catholic High School, K-12 Junior Varsity section;
Georgia Wolf, a 8th grader at Taft High School, K-9 Varsity section;
Andrew Li, a 7th grader Coonley Elementary School, K-9 Junior Varsity section;
Daniel Zhang, a 5th grader at South Loop Elementary School, K-6 Varsity section;
Steven Evangelou, a 5th grader at Decatur Classical School, K-6 Junior Varsity section;
Shridha Mehendale, a 2nd grader at Skinner West Elementary School, K-3 Varsity section;
Nathan Caropreso, a 3th grader at Wildwood Elementary School, K-3 Junior Varsity section;
Payton College Prep chess team, K-12 Varsity section;
Senn High School chess team, K-12 Junior Varsity section;
Bateman Elementary School chess teams, K-9 Junior Varsity, K-6 Varsity, K-6 Junior Varsity and K-3 Varsity sections;

Gallistel Language Academy, K-3 Junior Varsity section

Congratulations to all the city champions!