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Hello members of the United States Chess Federation! 

I wanted to inform you of a new prime-time major network game show, called Nation's Brightest! www.nationsbrightestcasting.com

We are seeking the smartest, most gifted people in the country to put their cognitive abilities to the ultimate test! Are you great with puzzles, riddles or brain teasers? If so, this is the perfect show for you! Your skills will be put to the highest test giving you a chance to win a HUGE CASH PRIZE!

We believe that anyone who plays Chess would be awesome at this game, which is why we are contacting YOU! 

We would love for you to apply. To do so, go to www.nationsbrightestcasting.com or you can call me at 818-597-4024. 

Thank you guys for your interest, and we look forward to your application!

Michael C Golaszewski
Nation's Brightest Casting
[email protected]