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4 Petersons, 2 Perkins Dominate 2012 SoCal Grades Print E-mail
By Baron Nimzowitsch   
January 25, 2012

Dante, Gia, Jayani, and Mick Peterson

Four Petersons and two Perkins dominated the SoCal Grade Level Championships in Irvine.
For the first time ever, four siblings Mick, Dante, Gia, and Jayani Peterson won or tied for first place in four different grades at a state championship.  Mick captured sixth grade, Dante captured fourth grade, while Gia was co champion in second grade with three time national champion Joaquin Perkins.  Little sister Jayani was co-champion in kindergarten in a three-way tie with Joaquin's little sister Adriana and Keith Daniels.  The key final round game featured Adriana mating Keith with Blackburne's trap. 1.e4, e5 2. Nf3, Nc6 3. Bc4, Nd4 4. Ne5, Qg5 5. Nf7, Qg2 6. Rf1, Qe4+ 7. Be2, Nf3#.
First grade was won by Ethan Pau who scored a perfect 5-0 followed by Jacob Wiczyk in second with Leyton Chan in third.
On the heels of the 4-1 2nd grade co-champions Gia and Joaquin was Alexander Costello with 3.5/5.  Joaquin defeated Gia in their individual match.  The two had previously split their prior games.
Third grade was captured by Eric Gao and Kevin Yang.  Edward Jin was third 1/2 point behind.
Vishan Chaudhary was clear first in fifth grade with Mathew Bodeen in second one half point behind and Justin Kao in third.
The combined HS/JHS section was won by Frank Tangtartharakul with a perfect score while second place was split among Sachil Verma, Bryan Tangtartharakul, Christina Kao, and Ryan Balandran were one point behind.
The tournament was run efficiently by Salman Azhar of Bay Area Chess. Find full USCF rated results on MSA.