Carlsen Closes in on World Championship Print E-mail
November 21, 2013
Magnus Carlsen defended against Vishy Anand's vicious attack today, in round nine of the World Championship in Chennai, India. The current World Champion ultimately faltered with 28.Nf1? and gave up the game.


Instead of 28. Nf1? which allows 28...Qe1, 28. Bf1 keeps black on the ropes, though he defends with accurate play 28...Qd1 29.Rh4 Qh5 30.Nxh5 gxh5 31. Rxh5 Bf5 32. g6 Bxg6 33.Rg5.

Magnus now needs just half a point more to win the match and the World Championship title. Norway's Prime Minister tweeted:

16-year-old Claudia Muñoz pointed out Magnus's effect on youngsters across the globe:
Look for GM Ian Rogers' final Chennai report upon the event's conclusion.