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By US Chess Federation   

One indication of how highly chess is regarded around the world is the proliferation of chess players and chess themes on postage stamps worldwide.

Most countries - over 140 nations according to some accounts - have issued stamps with a chess motif. A brief search on Google will reveal the incredible range of chess stamps, as well as those who collect them. And don't be surprised to learn that some chess stamps sell for upwards of $1,000! Famous stamp collectors in the chess community include World Champion Anatoly Karpov - owner of one of the world's most valuable collections - and New York businessman/chess patron Armand Rousso, who was once described as one of the world’s leading rare stamp traders.

The United States has not issued any stamp with any chess motif, but there are stamp collectors and chess afficianados working to encourage the US Postal Service to issue a stamp commemorating the legendary Paul Morphy, who was widely acknowledged as the best player in the world in the period just prior to the establishment of the official "world chess champion" designation, and USCF is actively supporting these efforts.