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GM Maxim Dlugy
Photo Jennifer Shahade
Maxim Dlugy learned to play chess in Russia from his grandfather, Max Ritov who was an International Master strength player who once played on the same team as David Bronstein.

In 1977 Maxim immigrated to New York. He quickly grew too strong for the competition in a nearby park and joined the Manhattan Chess Club.

Within a few years he became one of the strongest junior players in US history and in 1985 he became the third US player to become World Junior Champion. The mid to late 1980's were a high point for Maxim and he was a serious threat to win every competition he entered.

Also, in the 1980's Maxim established himself as one of the World's leading blitz chess players. For four consecutive years he was the highest rated blitz chess player in the world. Maxim won dozens of super-strong blitz events, often accumulating massive scores along the way. In 1988 World Champion Kasparov narrowly escaped defeat in his showcase match with Maxim at the World Blitz Chess Championship.

In the early 1990's Maxim slowed his chess career. He started a family and became the youngest USCF president in 1990. Dlugy still competes internationally from time to time and remains a formidable blitz opponent.

GM Maxim Dlugy

Rating: 2586
Birthdate: 1-29-1966
Birthplace: Moscow, Russia
Residence: Fort Lee,New Jersey
Website: dlugy.com

1985 U.S. Junior champion
1985 World Junior champion
1985 joint first at World Open
1988 World Open champion
1993 National Open co-champion