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Aleksandr Lenderman is a rising young Russian-American Grandmaster and a former World Youth Champion (2005, France, Under 16 division.) A regular at the top of the Grand Prix standings, Lenderman was the 2008 Grand Prix champion. Lenderman has also won numerous major US Open tournaments including clear first in the 2009 Atlantic Open, the 2009 Marshall Chess Club Championship and the 2010 Eastern Open. 

In 2009, Lenderman earned two GM norms in quick succession, at the Philadelphia International and the World Open. Here's a key win from the Philadelphia International, against IM Jacek Stopa.


Check out two interviews with GM Lenderman in conjunction with the US Chess Scoop on CLO, from the 2010 World Open and the 2009 National Chess Congress.

Lenderman, born in Russia, currently lives in Brooklyn. See his detailed tournament results on MSA.

GM Aleksandr Lenderman

Rating: 2647
Birthdate: 9-23-1989
Birthplace: Russia
Residence: Brooklyn, New York

World Youth Under 16 Champion (2005, France)
Winner of many Opens such as the 2009 Marshall Chess Club Championships, 2009 Atlantic Open and 2010 Eastern Open.
2008 Grand Prix Champion