Fantasy Chess is On! Print E-mail
By Jennifer Shahade and A. Sharma   
May 13, 2007

It's time to make your entries into the Fantasy US Championship! To summarize the rules, which were posted a few days ago, you must choose a seven player team with an average rating of 2510 or under. One rule not originally mentioned in the initial post is that half a point will be added to your score if one of your players ties for first and then wins clear first in a tiebreak match. Please note that you are not eligible for prizes if you are an employee of the USCF, or an immediate family member of an employee.

To get started, go here:

If this is your first time visiting this site, click register and fill out the pertinent information. You may choose any password of appropriate length, and as stated in
the rules be VERY CAREFUL to input your email and USCF ID# correctly as an ID# not matching your name (or not existing) will lead to you to being ineligible for any of the prizes.

Once you have reached the user page, simply click the team members you wish to have, answer the two tiebreaker questions, and then click Save. If you provide an illegal team or illegal answer to either tiebreaker, your entry will not be saved, and it will warn you in red above what the problem with your entry is. Once you input a legal entry you will be taken to a page showing your saved team and tiebreaker answers (and this page will also now be where you are taken to when you login again).

If you have a change of heart about any of your picks, you can click on "Edit Team" and make whatever changes you like via saving again. Just be certain you have input exactly what you want by Tuesday May 15 3:00 pm EST as after that time, no further modifications or new entries will be allowed.