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By Bill Hall   
March 31, 2007

by Bill Hall 3-31-07

Frank K Berry 2007 US Championship Patron Entry fees for titled players

The USCF is announcing the addition of four categories of Patron entry fees for titiled players. They are as follows:
GM or 2600 USCF+ $3,000
IM or 2500+ $5,000
FM or 2400+ $10,000
Life Master or 2300+ $15,000

The following categories announced on March 6 remain the same:

2200+ $20000
2100+ $30000
2000+ $40000
Under 2000 $50000

Read the previous announcement for more details on patron entry fees. The deadline for submitting patron entry fees is April 25. After April 25, Patron entries may be accepted only at the discretion of the USCF Executive Director. Please contact the office for further details.

The National Open(June 7-11, Las Vegas) has donated the following special prizes for the top finishers in the 2007 U.S. Championship.
1st place: Airfare from any city to the 2007 National Open, free entry, free room for 4 nights, simul if desired with $700 fee.

2nd & 3rd places: Airfare to 2007 National Open ($300 maximum), free entry, free room for 4 nights.

4th through 10th places: Free entry plus $100 (must stay at Riviera Hotel).