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By Jennifer Shahade   
March 17, 2008
NipCLOlead.jpgOn March 4, 2008, Nicholas Nip became the youngest USCF master in history. Nicholas, who was born and lives in San Francisco, told Chess Life Online that his favorite book is My System and his favorite player in chess history is Jose Raul Capablanca.

A fourth grader, Nicholas's favorite subjects are P.E. and math. Nicholas Nip wants to be a rock star when he grows up, but in a few years, perhaps he will alter that to rock star Grandmaster.

At the time of our original report on Nip's record, we didn't have the following game over Ronald Cusi (2325) that pushed Nip over the 2200 hump:


When Cusi erred by capturing with the f-pawn on move 31 (31..dxe5 was correct.), Nicholas won the endgame in a convincing fashion. In the final position, Cusi resigned because Nip's king will march to c5, after which Bc6 will pick up Black's remaining pawns.