Featured Articles in the August 2020 Chess Life

  • With Pogchamps 2 just announced for August, this month's cover story on "The New Chess Boom" by IM Eric Rosen couldn't be more timely. If you've ever wondered what all this Twitch stuff is about, find it in this issue! Other articles include FM Alex Dunne on the 2020 Golden Knights, WGM Sabina Foisor on the Blitzing Covid fundraiser, and IM Carissa Yip on the IM Not a GM tournament.                               

  • Featured Articles in the August 2020 Chess Life Kids

  • In our August issue, GM Alexander Ipatov gives an overview of key rook endgame positions that every young player should know. And fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe might recognize the inspiration for our cover art-the series' coveted Infinity Gauntlet. Check out GM Ipatov's article to learn more about the connection between the two! Also look for the finalists from our June 2020 cover contest and meet GM Leinier Dominguez in this month's My First Moves and Chess Adventures.                        







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