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February 22, 2019



We hope you will find this page useful as a quick reference for locating content on our website relevant to state chapters and their appointed delegates. Note that there are three sections to this page indicating the relevance of the links to either presidents, delegates or both.


Please feel free to contact the Governance Coordinator, Jennifer Pearson ([email protected]) for any questions not answered by these links.





State President Privileges and Responsibilities


Duties and Responsibilities of State Chapters, mentioning delegates and alternates in item #2


New Website Guide for State Officers


E-mail Blast Benefit for State Chapters

Webinar: Applying for Non-Profit Status

Webinar: Executive Board Meeting with State Chapters

Slide Deck from the Executive Board Meeting with State Chapters





What is a Delegate?


The Delegate Cycle


Upcoming National Events for the location and hotel information of upcoming US Opens and their attendant Delegates’ Meetings


US Chess Bylaws, which will be printed in the Delegates’ Call

Article 8, Sections 1 & 2 address state chapter affiliates.

Article 5 explains the delegate system.

Article 5 Section 4 specifically states the role of the state chapter in naming delegates.




2021 New Delegates Seminar Video


A video of the 2018 annual Delegates’ Meeting

Around minute 10 of the video, there is an example of a delegate from Iowa asking a question about a motion.


An Example of Delegate Meeting Minutes so you can see the overall process of the meeting and its results


Robert’s Rules of Order

A quick reference to those most used will be available in the Delegates’ Call.


Link to the 2018 Delegates’ Call online for examples of how motions are written