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Duties and Responsibilities of USCF State Chapters

Delegate Actions of Continuing Interest - #8 approved December 7, 2017

Purpose: These Duties and Responsibilities are designed to offer criteria for the evaluation of how well a State Chapter is carrying out its responsibilities. 

State Chapter Requirements and Recommendations. The first four items of the following list are required of each State Chapter and the remaining items are recommendations for each State Chapter.

Each State Chapter should:

1.     Pay its affiliate membership when due and payable;

2.     Certify in writing to the USCF Secretary by the authorized date (November 1st) the Delegate(s) and Alternate(s), who shall be USCF members, and report how they were selected (i.e., appointed, elected); 

3.     Directly sponsor and hold (or arrange for) an annual USCF rated State Championship; 

4.     Have a formal organizational structure as laid out in bylaws or articles of association which includes but is not limited to specifying the governing authority and their selection, meeting schedule and purpose of the State Chapter, and provide opportunities for membership and participation by all USCF members residing in the State; Each State Chapter shall submit a copy of their current bylaws or articles of association, and any amendments, as specified herein. This may be in written or electronic form. (2017) 

5.     Directly sponsor and hold (or arrange for) annual USCF rated Scholastic State High School, Junior High or Middle School and Elementary School Championships; 

6.     Directly sponsor and hold (or arrange for) other chess tournaments throughout the State and be involved in tournament coordination within the State and with the USCF Tournament Clearinghouse Representative.  State Chapters are to support chess throughout the state and exhibit geographical representation in its tournament sponsorship.  Examples include but are not limited to statewide or geographically rotating; Rated Beginner Open tournaments, Senior tournaments, weekend Swisses, tornados, quads as well as: participation in National Chess Day Activities, Regional and/or National Championships; (2016) 

7.     Disseminate a periodical that serves as a State chess journal preserving a record of chess activities, promotion events, identifying state officers and, in general, providing a regular mechanism for communicating with its membership.  Examples include but are not limited to: State Bulletins, Newsletters or Magazines; 

8.     Promote and publicize chess activities through various media, including but not limited to newspaper articles, television and radio coverage, flyers or notices at libraries, schools and veteran hospitals.  Examples include but are not limited to: chess exhibitions and simultaneous, tournaments, chess lectures, chess lessons, chess columns and articles in local and statewide newspapers, chess clubs and meeting lists and announcements; and 

9.     Responsibly act in the best interests of its entire State Chapter membership, encouraging and promoting chess activity statewide.  The State Chapter affirms its intention to comply with the duties and responsibilities of credentialed State Chapters. (2010) 

10. Designate a coordinator to promote participation and events for women and girls within their state. (2016)