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September 6, 2009
The American women's team is struggling in the World Women's Team Championship in Ningbo, China with two match losses in a row. Update: The American women rebounded in round six against China's "A" team. Full story coming soon! The Americans were unable to repeat their stunning defeat of Russia in the Olympiad, and lost 1-3 in round four. Then in round five against China's "B" team (still very strong), they lost 2.5-1.5, with the bright spot being team newcomer Alisa Melekhina's win.

To be fair, here is one of our losses in that round:

As a consolation to our readers for the news, Irina Krush sent over some photos from her rest day. Wish our team luck in the second half of the tournament and follow the action on chessresults.com (Poland is currently leading) and if you're a nightowl, catch the games live on the official website. The main page only displays the current or latest round. Click here to access earlier games.

Photos From Ningbo