Featured Articles in the April 2020 Chess Life

  • In the April issue, FM Jacob Chudnovky and Irina Medvedev introduce us to chess on Grand Cayman Island and to the people who are working hard to build a community there. Also look for reports by WGM Jennifer Yu on the National K-12 Grade Championship, Tom Beckman on the Eastern Open, and a special article by GM Robert Hess on Fabiano Caruana's Tata Steel win. This month's issue also features the annual Yearbook.                      

  • Featured Articles in the April 2020 Chess Life Kids

  • The portability and cool technology of electronic notation devices (ENDs) makes it easy to believe they are relatively new inventions. But did you know that a man named Lala Raja Babu patented the first automatic chess recorder back in 1903—long before the digital age? Jamaal Abdul-Alim relates the fascinating history behind the first automatic chess recorder, explains how it worked, and reveals its ultimate fate. Also in this issue, GM Francesco Rambaldi introduces the Scandinavian Defense, an opening that is gaining popularity in the highest levels of chess. And meet popular coach and commentator, GM Alejandro Ramirez, in this month's My First Move and Chess Adventures.                    







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