Featured Articles in the October 2017 Chess Life

  • The United States hosted the first FIDE World Junior Chess Championship for the Disabled in Orlando, Florida. See the full story on page 42. Also in this issue: Petrosian adds to his summer success with a victory at the World Open, and Alex Yermolinsky writes about his victory in the Senior Open.  

Featured Articles in the October 2017 Chess Life Kids

  • You may think blitz is just for fun, but did you know it may actually help your regular tournament play? Many coaches, grandmasters, and other chess professionals have embraced the notion that blitz can be beneficial to your chess development. They believe it’s a good tool for practice, motivation, and stress release. Some even use blitz in their own trainings. Also: A new column by Bruce Pandolfini that teaches you to "Avoid the Trap!" and the new column "My First Move" in which your chess heroes talk about when they were Chess Life Kids.   








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