Featured Articles in the April 2017 Chess Life

  • As you’re reading this, GM Fabiano Caruana has already begun his U.S. Championship defense in St. Louis. Macauley Peterson talks to the champ about his defense and his relocation to the U.S. We also have our annual US Chess Yearbook, Al Lawrence covers the Pan Ams Intercollegiate, Benko provides his annual April Fools' Day puzzles, and GM Josh Friedel writes about how to win a won game, using games from the North American Open as his source.     


Featured Articles in the April 2017 Chess Life Kids

  • “It is your response to winning and losing that makes you a winner or a loser.” – Harry Sheehy

    We all love to win. But at its heart, chess is a game between two people so how you react to winning or losing is just as important as the result. On our cover, Rook-E has just won and is offering a “Good game!” handshake to the opponent, who is showing very poor sportsmanship by letting anger/hurt/frustration get the best of their emotions. Learn more about sportsmanship beginning on page 12.








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