Featured Articles in the April 2019 Chess Life

  • To our Premium Members: Due to a production error in our print edition, the K-12 Nationals article ("Where David Meets Goliath") has multiple diagram errors on pages 39-40. The online edition, fund at the link below, has been updated with the correct diagrams. If you wish to print out the correct pages to keep with your copy, you may download a PDF of just this article here: K-12 Article. We apologize for this error and have taken steps to ensure it will not happen again. 

  • In our February issue, GM Hikaru Nakamura blitzed his way to the 2018 Grand Chess Tour (GCT) championship, making him the second American to win the title in its four year history. In our cover story, GM Robert Hess writes about Nakamura's success at the London Chess Classic, home to the final leg of the GCT. GM Alex Ipatov analyzes openings from the London Classic as well. Also look for the popular April Fools puzzles from GM Pal Benko, a report on the K-12 Nationals by GM Elshan Moradiabadi, and the 2018 Yearbook. Please note that the print edition of the yearbook inadvertently omitted the U.S. Masters tournament and did not updae the executive board list. The full yearbook with these corrections can be found here: 2018 Yearbook.

  • Featured Articles in the April 2019 Chess Life Kids

  • Meet the 2019 All-America Chess Team members ages 13 and under! The team, sponsored by Trophies Plus and former All-America team member IM Robby Adamson, honors the nation's best young chess players. Also in this issue, GM Elshan Moradiabadi offers tactics tips from the K-12 Nationals, and get to know GM Ray Robson in our My First Move column and comic strip.    







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