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By Joan DuBois/Paul Truong   
July 17, 2007

Annual Susan Polgar National Invitational for Girls July 29 – August 3, 2007 in Cherry Hill, New Jersey. The tournament will be played during the U.S. Open Championship each year. Starting time of each round will be at 11:00 A.M. The time control will be 90 minutes for the entire game with 30 seconds increment added on per move. This is the approved FIDE time control. Registration will be required at pre-tournament registration.

45 states so far (2 from CA, NY, TX, 2 Wild Cards, 1 Defending Champion, other qualifiers)

Missing from Washington DC, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, North Dakota and South Carolina.

List of qualifiers for the 2007 Susan Polgar National Invitational for Girls (July 29 to

August 3, 2007)

IF you qualified and your name is NOT listed, please send me an email to Susan Polgar immediately [email protected]. Thank you!

Alabama - Hannah Hellwig
Alaska - Alison K Parshall
Arizona - Jenelle L. Wallace
Arkansas - Elizabeth Mae Cooper
California (Northern) - Louiza Livschitz
California (Southern) - Melinda West
Colorado - Kaila M Smith
Connecticut - Catalina Estrada
Delaware - Ann Marie Fitch
District of Columbia - Missing
Florida - Rita Mirchandani
Georgia - Shivali Kasbekar
Hawaii - Ashbea Oyadomari
Idaho - Erica Barkell
Illinois - Cheryl Liu
Indiana - Alea Ford
Iowa - Casandra Stull
Kansas - Blythe Buscher
Kentucky - Connie Wu
Louisiana - Jordana Williams
Maine - Lily Ann Briggs
Maryland - Lisa Kong
Massachusetts - Michelle Chen
Michigan - Ashley Carter
Minnesota - Laura Howard
Mississippi - Missing
Missouri - Tess Butcher
Montana - Missing
Nebraska - Elizabeth Oliver
Nevada - Missing
New Hampshire - Avary Bell
New Jersey - Anna Matlin
New Mexico - Deanna Kristek
New York - Linda Diaz, Darrian Robinson
North Carolina - Amelia Wheeless
North Dakota - Missing
Ohio - Anna Delamerced
Oklahoma - Rachel Farell
Oregon - Taylor Bailey
Pennsylvania - Elizabeth M Lakata
Rhode Island - Kathleen Coccio
South Carolina - Missing
South Dakota - Laticia Leftwich
Tennessee - Su'ad Yoon
Texas - Courtney Jamison, Sarah Chiang
Utah - Eliza Mc Intosh
Vermont - Autumn Hope Brooks
Virginia - Ettie Nikolova
Washington - Sarah May
West Virginia - Sarah Hoxie
Wisconsin - Anna Ganster
Wyoming - Rose Burke

45 states so far + defending champion + SP qualifiers

Defending Champion: Abby Marshall (VA)

Qualifiers from the Susan Polgar National Open Championship for Girls:

K-2: Hannah Liu
3-5: Victoria Zhang, Alice Dong, Sarah Sampei, Georgia Olvera
6-9: Charlina Hung
10-12: Ananya Roy, Stephanie Guajardo

Qualifiers from the Susan Polgar World Open Championship for Girls:

Open Section: Rebecca Lelko, Janice Chen
Under 14: Sylvia Yang
Under 11: Vanessa Wong
Under 8: Arissa Torres, Queena Deng, Bridget LeeSang, Iris Wu, Carol Jin, Jennifer Wong

Wild Card: Eunice Rodriguez, Julia Kerr

Congratulations to all qualifiers!

Some information about the invitational:

Rules and conditions of the invitational: