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US Chess Scholastic Committee Members:

Dewain Barber   [email protected]   CA  
Jeff Bulington   [email protected]   MS  
Tony Chen   [email protected]   MO  
Kim Cramer   [email protected]   AZ  
David Grimaud   [email protected]   SC  
Juan Guajardo   [email protected]   TX  
Russell Harwood   [email protected]   TX  
Jon Haskel   [email protected]   FL  
Brian Karen   [email protected]   NY  
Shiva Maharaj   [email protected]   IL  
Michelle Martinez   [email protected]   AZ  
David Mehler   [email protected]   DC  
Robert Messenger   [email protected]   NH  
Brian Ribnick   [email protected]   MN  
John D. Rockefeller V   [email protected]   MD  
Luis Salinas   [email protected]   TX  
Christina Schweiss   [email protected]   VA  
Garrett Scott   [email protected]   IL  
Steve Shaughnessy   [email protected]   CA  
Josh Sinanan   [email protected]   WA  
Jennifer Skidmore Smith   [email protected]   MI  
Shaun Smith   [email protected]   NY  
Jay Stallings   [email protected]   CA  
Judit Sztaray   [email protected]   CA  
Elizabeth Tejada   [email protected]   FL  
Charles M. Unruh   [email protected]   OK  
Mark Wood   [email protected]   PA  
Brian Yang   [email protected]   KS  

US Chess Scholastic Council Members:

Robby Adamson   [email protected]   AZ   Scholastic Council
Joe Lonsdale   [email protected]   CA   Scholastic Council
Beatriz Marinello   [email protected]   NY   Scholastic Council
Elliott Neff   [email protected]   WA   Scholastic Council
Daniel Rohde   [email protected]   NY   Scholastic Council
Eric Vigil   [email protected]   IA   Scholastic Council
Sunil Weeramantry   [email protected]   NY   Scholastic Council Co-Chair


Mike Nietman   [email protected]   WI   Executive Board Liaison (Primary)
Ryan Velez   [email protected]   KY   Executive Board Liaison (Alternate)
Boyd Reed   [email protected]   PA   Office Liaison & US Chess Director of Events

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