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About the US Chess Federation (US Chess) FAQ's

This page has the short answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions we get.

Q: What is US Chess?



US Chess Mission US Chess is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to empowering people through chess one move at a time.

US Chess Vision Our vision is to enrich the lives of all persons and communities through increasing the play, study, and appreciation of the game of chess.

US Chess Core Values

·         -Education Chess is an educational tool aiding in the learning of planning, cause and effect relationships, pattern recognition, and research, all key skills for success in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics).

·         -Customer Service We strive to be responsive, adaptive and pro-active in providing services to our customers, including all necessary follow through to resolve issues.

·         -Excellence We recognize the value of excellence both in chess as an activity and the services we provide to our customers.

·         -Communication We will continually inform and be responsive to our members and customers.

·         -Integrity We respect and maintain good relationships with our customers and stakeholders as well as the game of chess itself.

·         -Accessibility Chess can and should be enjoyed by individuals regardless of social or economic status or physical or developmental capability.

·         -Love of the Game Chess is a historic and iconic game, and we celebrate its history, growth and evolution in our activities and services.

-Outreach We work to extend the knowledge and appreciation of chess.

 US Chess Goals

 -Expand the knowledge, enjoyment and playing of chess to under-represented segments of society (geography, gender, economic status).

 -Educate children, parents, teachers and school administrators on the benefits of chess as a part of a school curriculum and as an extra-curricular activity.

 -‘Grow the game’ by expanding the membership base and increasing the retention of existing members.

-Improve the overall strength and security of US Chess as an organization, including improving finances, internal systems and operations and governance.

Q: How do I contact US Chess?

A: Email us at:  Contact Us or use our Staff Directory.

Q: What are my benefits for joining?

A: Your membership provides a door into the world of chess through affiliated clubs, organizations and US Chess sanctioned events and an opportunity to establish a nationally recognized rating. You may also obtain personal recognition (titles, Top Lists, MAP) and accreditations (TD Certifications, Chess Coach Certification). As a US Chess member, you may have access to current and historical chess information, through electronic issues of Chess Life and Chess Life Kids magazines at our website,

Q: How can I get information for a membership and a free copy of Chess Life?

A: Call our office at 800-903-8723 X4 Monday-Friday 8am-5pm Central time; email us at [email protected]; write to us at US Chess, PO Box 3967, Crossville, TN 38557; or fax us at 931-787-1200. Include your name and address and we will gladly send you a sample magazine and membership details.

Q: Do you have free information which explains how the pieces move and how to write chess moves?

A: Yes. You can find basic information in our “New to Chess?” section on our homepage or the “Forms” area.

Q: Where can I purchase chess books, sets and chess computers and also get advice as to what to purchase?

A: US Chess Federation Sales sells a variety of chess related items. You can contact US Chess Federation Sales for a free catalog and/or check out our US Chess Federation Sales Shop online catalog or speak directly to one of their customer service representatives by calling: 1-800-388-KING (800-388-5464).

Q: Where can I go in my area to play chess?

A: US Chess provides listings of chess clubs for all regions of the United States. Please check “Clubs and Tournaments category on our homepage.

Q: After I become a member of US Chess and play in a US Chess rated event, will I get a chess rating?


A: Yes. The organizer of the event will send the results to US Chess and a rating will be calculated. You can view your rating and history in our Member Services Area (MSA). If you play in US Chess Correspondence Chess events you will receive a Correspondence Chess rating, separate from your OTB rating. Additional information about Correspondence Chess is located behind our “Activities & Interests” category on our homepage.