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Jennifer's Blog
By Jennifer Shahade   
November 7, 2006
One of the great things about working from home is voting at 10 am, when the lines are as short as Saturday's papers. The worst part about working from home: business phone calls at Friday, 10 pm. (no joke!)

Me in Inwood Hill Park, Manhattan's beautiful forest.

Tonight, I'm going to Paul Hoffman's election party. Paul authored Wings of Madness most recently, and will soon publish Chess Crazed, starring, among others, Pascal Charbonneau,Garry Kasparov, Bruce Pandolfini, and me!  Tonight happens to be the airing of Paul's Wings of Madness documentary (8 pm EST on PBS), so we'll watch the election returns and the movie. Who am I rooting for? Well, finding a Republican in most of my haunts is about as hard as "Where's Waldo?", and you won't catch me in horizontal stripes. But chess embraces all parties, so let's just leave this as a simple reminder to vote.

My most traumatic voting moment, chronicled in my book Chess Bitch, was not being able to vote in the 2000 Bush-Gore fiasco. My second most traumatic voting moment was not getting a ballot for the recent USCF election. I could have screamed and yelled when I didn't get it, but I kept waiting patiently till it was too late. Only 8.3% of eligible members did vote in the last USCF election. I hope that next election this will change. Know someone who would be perfect on the USCF board? Here is the call for nominations. Spread the word!

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U.S. Chess League Playoffs are on!

This week is a very exciting one for the New York Knights. We have draw odds against the Carolina Cobras to determine who will play the Boston Blitz for the title of Eastern Division Champions. U.S. Junior Champion Robert Hess has been on a roll lately, so he's on the NY squad tomorrow night, along with GM Pascal Charbonnaeu and IM Irina Krush, who are simply too strong to sit at such a crucial point. On board 4 is the multi-talented Matthew Herman, who at 19 years old, already has a full-time gig at Goldman Sachs.

Going into this match, I can't help but feel bad for my father's team Philadelphia, who was already celebrating their entry into the playoffs when the unthinkable happened. In order for Philly to prevail on tiebreaks, it was necessary for the Tennessee Tempo, playing against Carolina to score at least one draw. Although the Tempo lost three games, NM Peter Bereolos was completely winning with White on board 2 against Matthew Hoekstra. In this position, Peter froze and lost on time.

Such things happen, and I'm sure that Bereolos was very upset personally to lose this way. However, Philly was most upset at all as a sudden gauntlet fell on their festivities. They must wait till next year for a coveted playoff spot.

Meanwhile, congratulations to league MVP, Julio Becerra, first board for the Miami Sharks. He clinched the title with a win against San Francisco Mechanics' Vince McCambridge. Despite this individual board loss, San Francisco drew the match and finished with 8.5/10. The Mechanics deserve props for having the best ever regular season record in USCL history.

Be sure to tune into U.S. Chess League action tomorrow night. Watch the games on ICC and check www.uschessleague.com for updates!