Ten Things you don't want to hear after losing Print E-mail
By CLO editors   
September 7, 2006

1. Wow, you're the highest rated player I ever beat!

2. Were those supposed to be sacrifices?

3.Why did you resign? I was just about to offer you a draw.

4.My boyfriend's waiting for me. Would you post the result?

5. The only move I knew there was Rook to King's square.

6.You composed a really elegant self-mate there.

7. This will be a great game to show my students!

8. Don't worry. I lost the same way in an ICC bullet game against Smallville.

9.Yay!! I never beat a grown-up before!

10. ???

Send your ideas for the tenth thing not to tell your opponent after the game to [email protected] Please send your suggestions by September 16.