More Love From Benko

CLO editor Jennifer Shahade presents the twin compositions that GM Pal Benko sent her for her birthday. See how fast you can solve the aesthetic twin mate in three problems. 

Hat Trick! NorCal House of Chess Sweeps the 2015 U.S. Amateur Team West

For the third year in a row, the perennial powerhouse team NorCal House of Chess won the U.S. Amateur Team West, this time sweeping the field with a perfect 6-0 score. Kostya Kavutskiy reports.

Texas sized Swiss – Four GMs tie for first in Southwest Class

In the Master's section of the Southwest Class, GMs Gata Kamsky, Yarsola Zherebukh, Anton Kovalyov and Holden Hernandez Carmenate tied for first with Kamsky taking the title on tiebreak. See key games and full story by Colonel David A. Hater.&...

Ringoir tallies final GM Norm at Chinggis Chess Club

IM Tanguy Ringoir and GM Negi Parmijaran tied for first at the GM Norm Invitational at the 1st Chinnggis Chess Club. Ringoir, a UMBC student, also picked up his final GM norm. 

The US Chess Scoop: "Who is Your Dream Team?"

The US Chess Scoop went to Parsipanny, New Jersey for the World Amateur Team Championships to find out who would be on the perfect "dream team." Top picks included Carlsen, Nakamura, So and Krush.

Virginia Assassins Eliminate the Opposition at the USATE

Virginia Assassins took first place in the World Amateur Team Championships, held over President's Day weekend in Parsipanny, NJ. AL Lawrence reports on the action-packed weekend.

USCF Opens Office in St Louis

The U.S. Chess Federation announced it will open a corporate office in St. Louis, Missouri in February 2015. The USCF St. Louis office will serve the marketing and development while USCF's customer and membership services departments will continue out of ...

The February Check is in the Mail

In his February "Check is in the Mail" column, Alex Dunne goes over a key game from the 2nd World Correspondence Chess Champion, Viacheslav Ragozin. 

Nakamura Breaks 2800 in Zurich

GM Hikaru Nakamura broke 2800 today at the Zurich Chess Challenge and is now #4 on the live rankings. He leads the event with 2/3 and wins over Caruana and Karjakin.

Shankland on his Rise From GM to Top Hundred: Part II

In the second part of GM Shankland's in-depth piece on reaching the top 100 players in the World, he offers analysis and five main guidelines, including a reminder than we can learn from all hardworking players.

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