Daniel Lucas on Marathon: Ready & Grateful

Daniel Lucas, USCF Director of Publications and Chess Life Editor, will run the New York City Marathon this coming weekend. He is grateful for the support and publicity for his Scholastic chess fundraising drive at Crowdrise.

Meet & Play GM Irina Krush at K-12 Grades

US Women's Champion GM Irina Krush will be a special guest at the 2014 National K-12 Grades Chess Championships in Orlando. She will give a simultaneous exhibition and host a lecture, Q+A and blitz session.

Maccabi USA Searching for Players for International Competitions

Maccabi USA is seeking Jewish Chess players to represent the United States at the 14th European Maccabi Games in Berlin, Germany, July 27th- Aug 5th, 2015, and the Pan Am Maccabi Games in Santiago, Chile, December 28th 2015- January 4th 2016. 

The Million Dollar Journey: GM Chirila on Vegas Part II

GM Chirila analyzes his key games from the Millionaire Chess Open and also gives us an exclusive look into the groundbreaking event, from the VIP room to how the top young players unwind after the games. 

Jim Thoune Wins US Blind

 Jim Thoune of Bowling Green, Kentucky, won the U.S. Blind Championship in Pittsburgh, PA (October 24-25) after a stunning upset of Stephen Brumagin of Los Angeles, rated 360 points higher.  

Algorithms, A Documentary on Blind Chess

  Opening at the Quad Cinema in New York City on October 24, Algorithms is a documentary that transports us into the little known world of Blind Chess. Find full details in the press release.  

Claudia's Journey to India: Finishing Strong

Claudia Munoz wraps up her trip to World Junior in India with inspiring wisdom on how to finish a tournament strong and her motivation going forward.

The Man vs. The Machine: Exploring the Epic Match [VIDEO]

The Man Vs. The Machine (Directed by Frank Marshall) explores Garry Kasparov's historic match vs. Deep Blue. The short documentary features FiveThirtyEight founder Nate Silver, GM Maurice Ashley & Bruce Pandolfini. 

Millionaire Moves: Kavutskiy on Games from Vegas

Kostya Kavutskiy covers key games from the Millionaire Open in Las Vegas, including runner-up GM Ray Robson's win over GM David Berczes.

Melekhina on the Millionaire: Impressions from Vegas

FM Alisa Melekhina gives her impressions of the Millionaire Chess Open in Las Vegas, including interviewes with champion GM Wesley So and founder GM Maurice Ashley.

National Chess Day from Alabama to Idaho

National Chess Day on Saturday October 11, 2014 was celebrated by amateurs and masters in Grand Prixs and promotional events from coast to coast, from Alabama to Idaho.  

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